Made in acrylic on canvas in 2002 in Sao Paulo - Brazil by De Marchi. 

The fisherman and the birds in the pantanal in Brazil.


De Marchi was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, In 1950. A self taught artist, she began her artistic career in 1987.

Her painting is very suggestive and her works express enormous colour vivacity and harmony and figuritave expression. 


Known for her prolific output, she has won more than 50 medlas and 2 trophies, for example, in 1987 the Silver Medal for at the "VII National Salon of Plastic Art's" - Pablo Picasso -Unap in brazil; in 1992 the Gold Medal at the "Milton Leonetti Art Exibition" in Sao Paulo, etc.


Some of her works are in the private collection of the Musée D'Art Naif de Béraut, in France and at the Museu do Palamento in Sao Paulo.


Unfortunately, De Marchi passed away on February 2010 and we all miss her.


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  • 50 X 40 cm

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