Lithograph by Benjamin Roubaud - 19th century

  • Benjamin Roubaud (1811-1847) was born in Roquevaire-du-Rone, France in June of 1811.

    He studied art in Paris with painter Louis Hersent and exibited paintings, mainly landcapes, portraits and still lifes, at the Salon between 1833 and 1847.

    In 1840 he became the Algerian correspondent for the french magazine L'Illustration.

    From 1830 to 1834 Roubaud worked as a cartoon/caricaturst for the artist and editor Charles Philipon, whose satirical publicationss La Charicature and Chiavari shook the Parisian aristocracy.


    He worked with other satirist printmakers such as Daumier, Gavarni and Grandville. At this time he was also doing work  for the newspaper La mOnde.

    Between 1839 and 1842 he produced a series of 100 lithographs for Aubert & Cietitled "Pantheon Charivarique" which were portraits of personalities of the time. 


    He died in Algeria on January 14, 1847, at the age of 36.

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