Late 19th century Antique hand colored photograph signed by Wiiliam H. Gardiner.

This stunning photograph was taken in Florida of a waterway with lush trees covered with hanging Spanish Moss, precisely in the Tomoka river.

W.H.Gardiner is signed in pencil in the lower right hand corner.


  • William H. Gardiner was a Victorian -era photographer. (1861-1935)

    Born in Brampton, Ontario, he began his photographic career at a young age in Toronto.

    The Toronto Directory listed him as a photographer in 1883. He emigrated to the United States with his wife and two children.( His son, H. Marshall Gardiner went on to become a famous photographer in his own right). W. H. Gardiner is known for his photographs of Mackinac Island in Michigan and Florida. He had a summer studio on Mackinac and a winter studio in Daytona, Florida. In 1901, he opened the Gardiner Gift and Art Shop in downtown Daytona. It is believed he became a permanent resident in Daytona in 1905. 

    W. H. Gardiner’s legacy, was the production of hand-tinted views which are considered a cut above the rest. These were signed W. H. Gardiner. It is believe he switched from Glass Plates to film negatives in 1915 but none of the plates have survived. His work is very collectible and highly sought after.

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